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As we are now down to less than a month, we continue to prepare for a 5-6 month travel into the unknown. Being a trail blazer is not as easy as it looks on TV or you've read in a book.

Some of the topics we are preparing for include security briefings on locations; health concerns with the latest epidemics; logistics to reach our base camps and villages we will serve; gaining permission into the indigenous areas; what we call "Life Support" which includes fresh water, housing and food; emergency repatriation if needed and of course weather.

Preparing for all of this and just travelling with essentials and a back pack make it an adventure on its own. At the moment we have completed the following for our "First Push" of five.

  • Confirmed departure of 3/2/2020 to Honduras and then cross border to Guatemala and past Livingston into Quebrada Seca region
  • Confirmed lodging and "Life Support" at our normal base camp "Finca Titan" with Carlos and Gaby, our hosts. We have been coming here for over 10 years, even before T5 was a thing. If you haven't been here, you haven't found the peace of a jungle retreat!
  • Confirmed logistical needs and boat transportation to several villages and received invitations from Elder Leaders.
  • We have new software donated from "Fulcrum" being built that will allow us to document all demographics, patient information and needs of clinics and villages.
  • We will be utilizing our newly donated "Butterfly Ultrasound" from Advanced Shelters and Butterfly on patients
  • Will begin filming our documentary on the expedition. This will be no less than, EPIC!
  • On about 3/15/2020 we will depart and head to Costa Rica where we will be running a "Full" Mission including medical and dental clinics, Ultrasound Clinic for pregnant patients and Training for the local healthcare professionals.

This is our confirmed information on North, Central and South America. From here we will "Push" to South America to Colombia where we should have our invitation this week and will post updates soon.

If you have contacts in the areas who want to help out, let us know.

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