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T-Minus 16 Days til we Launch!

First stop... Guatemala then Costa Rica, Colombia, Nepal, Israel, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somaliland, Australia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Cebu and Alaska.

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Just 5 months ago I came up with the idea of 5 continents in 5 months... 3 months ago I put it into action. While my life is in a great state, I feel the mundane schedule of an office 5 days a week was putting me into a dark place not to mention adding more of a waistline. My company is more than amazing, actually they are incredible, specifically one individual who actually made the decision to grant me my leave for 6 months to conquer a dream that now will become a reality. I believe its a selfish act of kindness that I want to help humanity and even more an amazing feeling that I have so many people who believe in me enough to support such a cause and expedition.

I have been very fortunate that friends, friends of friends, coworkers and contacts whom I've never met have all begun to help knowing the only benefit they will receive is the feeling they did some good in the world. I have found outside my inner circle people are willing to help if there's a way it can also benefit them, which is opposite the main objective of the World Expedition.

My team has come together to volunteer time out of their busy schedules, time away from their family and burning vacation time to join me in this unique and realistically crazy adventure where things can change at any moment. I have told my team that you are signing up for a block of time, not necessarily a location as things tend to change and its not a vacation, but a mission. For instance if you want to go to Cambodia and dates shift to left or right, you may enter in Vietnam or leave from Laos.

Objective of the mission is to deploy, explore new locations that have been overlooked, forgotten or undiscovered. Then, break bread so to speak with the village elders and leaders and learn the culture and gain trust with them. Next we will begin our advance by doing inventory and inspections on the clinics or facilities they use for medical cases. We will be building this information on a platform which was custom built by FULCRUM, a software company that has mobile applications as well. We will then run "Mini" clinics in the regions for two reasons; 1. We want to help and give care along side the local healthcare providers and 2. we need to generate information on our applications on demographics, patient assessments, needs of the community and record our findings. We are also gathering information for our partners who deal with clean water initiatives and human trafficking. This information (Minus HIPPA related items) will be shared with other NGO, WHO and foundations who can also support and help. T5 will make a plan with the hosting village for a return date in 2021 with a solid plan to include an educational block for a course, surgical needs, medical needs and medications to return with.

Team 5 is about sharing information to other groups and the App will be available and will be automatically updated when they use it and held on the platform. Sharing knowledge is priceless...!

The idea is we will keep Leap Frogging from one location to the other until we finish as much as wen do in 5 months in 5 continents... Who knows, maybe we will hit 6 or even Antarctica to make 7. Two types of teams have been built... 1st, an expeditionary team which will include (1) Doctor (2) PA/RN/SF Medic's (1) Cameraman (Video). We will provide "mini" clinics in family practice, ultrasound and emergencies. Our 2nd is for Costa Rica and Cebu, Philippines which will be full on missions which will include (1) Doctor (2) PA/Medics (1) RN (1) Veterinarian (1) Logistics (1) Cameraman (2) translators. We will provide medical/dental clinics, ultrasounds, medical educational courses, ultrasound and possible surgical for Cebu.

What can you do to help? Everyone can have a place at the table for this mission/expedition from being a team member which includes a medical staff, a logistical staff and a media staff. We are now actually calling these groups "Committees" all the way to fundraising, social media and helping us while in your country with transportation, a place to crash, a home cooked meal and a hot shower.

This is a "TEAM" participation and everyone is an equal member in our eyes... We would love for you to be involved and help make this a very successful mission. We need help in Africa, Asia and Australia still and help fund raise for $100,000 to cover costs of the next 6 months. You can contact us here on the thread or email us at [email protected] and also make a donation on the website and purchase apparel. "In order to be involved, You must first show up" Hammer.

Team Video: https://www.facebook.com/Team5Foundation/videos/1216880564995610/


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